Why apply?

We understand you are a small business, time and money can be at a premium, and you always have to decide between working on your business and doing things like applying for awards.

Rest assured if you are a great small business that takes the time to thoughtfully fill out the application form, it will be worth your while.

Even just getting shortlisted will have your application going in front of veteran business people in this city that might become your new fan, mentor or investor.

But if you become a finalist? Well that's when the real benefits kick in.

You will have been selected from hundreds of applications - this is a big deal and something to really celebrate!

Being selected as a finalist is good for business.

  • Media coverage of your company in various newspapers and media outlets
  • Your company’s brand will also be exposed to over 10,000 viewers on the SmallBusinessWeekCalgary.com website
  • Digital assets to help you promote your finalist status to your fans and followers on social media and your website

Being selected as a finalist, and being a Calgary Chamber member, is really good for business.

All of the above and much more:

  • Qualify to have produced radio spots recognizing your business.

  • An opportunity to qualify as a speaker for our Fast-Growth Champions series.

  • A professionally filmed company video profiling your company for your use.

  • Qualify for booth space at the Small Business Week Calgary Awards and Expo - Canada's largest Small Business Week celebration!

Being a winner, is great for business.

Winners get event more benefits, but over and above that, past winners have gone on to become pillars of our community such as Alberta Boot Company, Spolumbo’s, Village Brewery, Blaskin and Lane, Fiasco Gelato, Vets To Go, Calgary Elite Roofing, as well as many others.