Company Culture Award

SPLICE Software

SPLICE Software creates stronger connections and improves the customer experience by delivering personalized messages to customers via their channels of choice, at the most critical points along the customer journey. Our cloud-based Dialog Suite™ uses Big Data & Artificial Intelligence to deliver Data-Driven Dialogs® that can be leveraged across phone, SMS messaging, and AI-assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. It’s just part of how SPLICE combines art & science to help you connect with your clients in new ways.

We get that this sounds boring and dry but when we look at the big picture, we can reach millions of homes each year and continuously create better relationships between companies and their customers. We take corporate communications that seem distant and often impersonal and turn them into something compelling—a human voice message with personality. Our messages improve corporate-consumer connections because we believe it can be better. SPLICE’s culture is driven by this mantra. We believe that the empowerment of our employees is the driving force for growth and innovation at SPLICE.