Company Culture Award


Our company is all about promoting cool stuff to high school students. We define “cool stuff” as any organization that genuinely wants to make the lives of students better. We work with hundreds of universities and colleges across north America to promote their different program offerings, along with many other clients like the Calgary flames to promote different events and activities that high schoolers love to attend.

Our company is super innovative in that we are the only company in North America to grow a high school advertising network like we have (we work with close to 1000 high schools across north America). One of the other cool things about our company is that it is baked into our business model to give back money to high schools. To date, we have given back close to $500k to high schools to support their scholarship funds, infrastructure and tech, or student programming.

We have a team of 12 full time, 40 part time, and another 50+ contractors across north America. Our culture is built on our three core values;

• have fun: we believe life is too short not to have a blast every single day

• do the right thing: we believe in always doing the right thing and treating people the way we expect to be treated.

• be competitive: we love to win, and we constantly strive to improve ourselves, our company, our community, and our clients.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in our space, and we constantly strive to grow and to improve our culture.