Company Culture Award

Apex Massage Therapy ltd

Apex Massage Therapy ltd. is a very successful and growing local business in Calgary, AB. We have created a space for 34 employees to thrive in their career path, while staying rooted in our values as a heart-centred wellness clinic. We are focused on creating and executing a client-centric massage therapy experience. Our team of Registered Massage Therapists ask each client why they have come to see us; we then treat specifically to that client’s needs. Our treatments are as individual as each client that chooses us for their wellness care.

Our Core Values:

1. Listen to Understand – We ask, listen and offer our open, empathic and conscious mind.

2. Be Joyful - Our goal in life is to play, participate and live a healthy, playful life.

3. Always Contribute – Offer solutions and give your best to every personal interaction.