Kristen Wood, Founder & CEO of THE TEN SPOT

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Kristen Wood is the CEO + Creator of THE TEN SPOT® Beauty Bars, Canada’s fastest growing beauty services company with locations across Canada. Starting with a single store in Toronto’s then up-and-coming Queen West neighbourhood, THE TEN SPOT® has become one of Canada’s beloved brands, channeling Kristen’s edgy, honest humour and commitment to excellence.

From one store to 25+, Kristen has figured out the secret to hacking over 300% growth a year and building a successful franchise model for her small business. But with that kind of rapid growth and expansion comes trials and tribulations.

What to expect from her keynote

  • How to figure out your business' purpose.
  • Tools that helped her to manage a growing company and a growing team.
  • A franchise how-to guide earned from hard days in the trenches.
  • The key to scaling your business successfully.
  • The hard-earned secret of taking a step back to take a step forward AKA shifting your perspective to uncover new opportunities for your business and leveraging them to keep growing.

Bonus: Kristen's keynote will be followed by an interactive Q&A, where she will answer questions live from the audience. 

Watch her in-action

Kristen Wood's story

Kristen developed her winning business strategy by finding the middle ground. Before THE TEN SPOT® Beauty Bars, most major cities had two spa extremes: the affordable and fast (but unsanitary) ‘chop shops,’ or the high-priced, high-end spas that sold relaxation.

Kristen’s major insight was blending the efficiency of low end with the quality of high-end, mixing in a highly sociable atmosphere, on-point trendy-ness, and fun. Her first location, started when she was just 24 and had been fired from a job in graphic design, gained a fast cult following which continues to this day. Fast forward 12 years and Kristen has expanded THE TEN SPOT® through mastery of franchising, with over 25 locations in operation and more builds underway. The company’s goal is to be the most recognized and reputable beauty bar brand in the world, and Kristen now oversees this burgeoning operation as CEO and sole owner, splitting her time between franchise sales and relationships, and building a super culture across all locations.

Kristen achieved mastery in branding and business planning, as well as scaling up beyond the threshold of a $10+ million a year enterprise. Kristen’s been called ‘the godmother of Canadian beauty bars…who continues to influence aesthetic hotspots across the country’ by Toronto’s Rogue Stories, and has been recognized with dozens of awards for entrepreneurship, and acknowledged as a go-to commentator on the beauty industry in Canada’s top media publications including the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and others.

Kristen’s personal story is one of overcoming and taking a maximalist approach to life. Early on her father instilled in her a love for travel and for entrepreneurship. Bullied as a young woman in Winnipeg, Kristen overcame her anxiety and became an adventurous twenty-something, moving from home to live in New York and Montreal, working for Vice Magazine. After being fired from a graphic design job in Toronto at 24, she decided on a whim to strike out on her own and remarkably wrote the business plan for the first 10spot® location overnight, quickly securing a location and loan, and opening within a few months.

Kristen is guided by her values of inclusiveness. Her company’s motto – ‘we exist to make everyone feel like a TEN’ – derives from a sense that every person has the right to feel great about themselves. Drawing on her father’s advice of ‘do whatever you want, just make it a business,’ Kristen encourages others, especially young women to follow their dreams and in practical terms make their ‘Plan A’ a reality. Kristen also speaks to how entrepreneurialism can help level the playing field for women. As a mother and business owner, Kristen has also mastered work-life integration as an alternative to work-life balance.

Kristen has spoken to various groups including DeGroote and Rotman, as well as the Economic Club of Canada. As a speaker, Kristen uses her naturally humorous energy, infectious confidence, and blunt honesty to engage audiences and convey important truths about what it takes to make your ‘Plan A’ a reality, how to achieve balance, and the importance of women’s entrepreneurship.