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Every Relationship Starts with a Connection

The content will be at an intermediate level. Early birds will be provided exclusive webinar access to all the speakers before the event. Speakers include Kim Orlesky who is Startup Canada's Women Entrepreneur of the year, Dan Gingiss who is an international keynote speaker we are bringing from Chicago as well as Shawn Shewchuk who is the #1 Results Coach and many more speakers we will be announcing soon.

The Future of Business is here, Prepare for that future today:

1. Why you should consider hiring a MarTech as your next position

2. How to automate your sales process for faster conversations

3. What you need to know BEFORE you start you create more than one company

4. How to create a “wow” client experience - anecdotes from Fortune 100 companies designed for the B2B premium services business

Experts talks on:

1. The tools you need in your business to automate your marketing to create more engagement

2. Sales Automation: why bots will take over your client conversations

3. Serial Entrepreneurship: When is your next idea is actually your next business

4. The ultimate customer experience that will make all future revenue easy

Early Bird Premium Experiences:

1. Exclusive webinar access with all the speaker before the event

2. Signed copies of all speaker books available - signed and mailed out!

3. Advanced selection to one-on-one sessions with speakers throughout the day

4. VIP entrance, seating, and private post-conference reception area

November 26, 2019, • 9 AM – 5 PM


Your full experience is included. Enjoy morning snacks, a catered lunch, and a gift of gratitude for choosing this day.

To order your tickets or for more information:

Please call Neezay at 403-471-7518 or email

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