Restaurants: Stop Paying Commission on Online Orders [Workshop]

Hosted by: Results Matter Cloud Services

REGISTRATION REQUIRED: We provide online ordering solutions and Online Presence Management solutions to help your restaurant stand out online. Affordable, efficient, and managed for you.

Online ordering from your website allows you to keep the relationship with your customer and save the commission.

Online Presence Management is the process of presenting and drawing traffic to your brand online.

It starts with Google My Business, which is essential for getting found locally.

Google My Business makes it easy for customers and prospects to find your products and services using Google Search and Google Maps.

Our affordable OPM platform makes it easy for you to manage your online presence and we can do it for you. We will:

Create or claim your Google My Business page, if you have not done so

Optimize your Google My Business page

Ensure your offline brand is reflected in your Google My Business page

Provide ongoing support

About this Event: Stop Paying Commission by Having Your Own Online Takeout and Delivery Solution

How much are you paying in commissions for takeout orders made online? Even if you don't want to have your own delivery service, you can save the commission on takeout orders.

Claiming and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) page is one of the most important things you can do to improve how you show up when searched.

As an independent restaurant, you have to show up in Google Maps and Google Search.

What will you learn?

How does Google Search work?

What is Google My Business and where does it fit?

How to build trust online with reviews

How does our Online Presence Management solution make all of this easier and faster?

Who has the relationship with the customer with today's popular delivery solutions?

What is in the online takeout and delivery solution?

How much could you save on commissions?

Small Business Week in Calgary is a great opportunity to learn about new strategies and tools available to help you grow your business.

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