Small Business Sales Series: 10 Most Powerful Questions That Should Be Asked In EVERY Meeting

Hosted by: KO Advantage Group

More powerful questions lead to more powerful answers. And powerful answers lead to premium service providers charging the premium rate.

Learn what the best questions you and your sales team should be asking in every sales meeting to ensure you are positioning yourself as the top level brand.

- Never again be engaged with a prospect that doesn't have enough budget

- No more "thanks for this proposal, we'll let you know when we're ready to move forward"

- More "Can we get started today"?

- and much more, "we're ready to get started now!"

KO Advantage Group is the fastest-growing entrepreneurial sales training organization. We are dedicated to the unique sales process for those that are selling high-value services in the business-to-business environment.

Education is not the same as application. Let us help you create a sales strategy and process that is going to Sell More. Faster.

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