Small Business Calgary Expo

Hosted by: Calgary Chamber

A day to nourish your network, power your business, and get inspired.

Amazing things happen when entrepreneurs get together, and that's what Small Business Week is all about. The crown jewel of the entire week is the Small Business Calgary Expo.

Featuring a dazzling exhibition of local businesses, two phenomenal keynote speakers, and in-depth learning sessions, this event is Alberta’s biggest B2B expo.

Highlights of the big day

  • 100 exhibitors and 1,500 attendees. That’s a huge networking opportunity!
  • Two keynotes this year: Kristen Wood, Founder & CEO of THE TEN SPOT, and Justine Barber, Co-founder of Poppy Barley
  • You’ll have access to an exclusive Networking App to help you connect with other attendees and grow your network. Details on how to register for it will be released in the fall.
  • Digital Tools Stage featuring 15-minute rapid-fire sessions on new tools you can use to transform and grow your business.
  • The Academy featuring six learning sessions packed with tangible takeaways from subject-matter experts on the topics you care about most.

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Keynote #1: Kristen Wood, Founder & CEO of THE TEN SPOT

Kristen banner

Kristen Wood is the CEO + Creator of THE TEN SPOT® Beauty Bars, Canada’s fastest growing beauty services company with locations across Canada. Starting with a single store in Toronto’s then up-and-coming Queen West neighbourhood, THE TEN SPOT® has become one of Canada’s beloved brands, channeling Kristen’s edgy, honest humour and commitment to excellence.

From one store to 25+, Kristen has figured out the secret to hacking over 300% growth a year and building a successful franchise model for her small business. But with that kind of rapid growth and expansion comes trials and tribulations.

What to expect from her keynote
  • How to figure out your business' purpose.
  • Tools that helped her to manage a growing company and a growing team.
  • A franchise how-to guide earned from hard days in the trenches.
  • The key to scaling your business successfully.
  • The hard-earned secret of taking a step back to take a step forward AKA shifting your perspective to uncover new opportunities for your business and leveraging them to keep growing.


Justine Barber, Co-founder of Poppy Barley

Justine Barber

Justine Barber is the Co-founder of Poppy Barley, a local Alberta shoe company dedicated to social responsibility and designing for kick-ass men and women who always show up but don't have time for sore feet.

Their unique line of footwear and accessories is designed in Edmonton, and manufactured in León, Mexico at leather shoe factories that prioritize people while offering flexibility in sizing and inventory through small-batch production. In the pursuit of ethical fashion and accessible luxury, Poppy Barley became the first company in North America to offer handcrafted footwear online.

Poppy Barley screens its factories for positive working conditions, including fair Wages and Benefits, Worker’s Rights and Freedoms, Health and Safety, and Training and Opportunity. Transparency about manufacturing is the cornerstone of who they are.

What to expect from her keynote 6 things I've learned from 6 years of scaling a business in Alberta
  • How they grew their startup from an online-only retailer into a brick and mortar presence.
  • How they've built social responsibility into their bottom line.
  • Trials and tribulations of navigating a complex supply chain and collaborating with an international team.
  • The value of staying curious, asking questions, and challenging your industry's status quo.
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