Social Entrepreneurship Award

SwizzleSticks SalonSpa

At SwizzleSticks we are constantly re-evaluating how and why we do business. Who is it for? What path do we take? What is in our wake? By being reflective in our practises we continually improve our identity and who our guests expect us to be!

We offer a full range of beauty and hair services, all delivered with a natural touch, and the highest quality of product. Everything we do gets put through major scrutiny, ensuring that our environmental foot print is minimal, while our services and guest experience is top notch!

We believe that the impact we have in a social positive manner is part of our DNA! We want to support everything happening in our beautiful city including major art companies, we've sponsored Alberta Ballet for many years, but also take great joy in donating to various local sports teams, charities and even non for profits. We believe that this not only supports our humanitarian identity, but also supports this great city and fabulous people trying to make a huge impact!