Social Entrepreneurship Award

InOrbis Corporation

In Latin, InOrbis means “One World”. We are connecting cities and bridging the gaps in productivity and sustainability helping to further this goal. InOrbis Intercity is changing city-to-city transportation by offering the first all-electric, luxury, point-to-point transportation service in Canada and North America. There are over 100 city pairs of under 250 miles apart in North America alone, with hundreds of millions of commuters travelling between the cities every year. Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft largely ignore the intercity market because of their software and ad-hoc business model. InOrbis provides point-to-point luxury transportation for professionals, tourists and every-day travellers in all-electric, semi-autonomous vehicles. Our fleet currently operates with professional drivers and will eventually expand to include a fleet of fully-autonomous vehicles to make travel even more efficient and cost-effective. In-house developed software enables demand-based pricing and optimizes scheduling for fleets of owner-operated and company-owned EVs.