Social Entrepreneurship Award

Hippo Hug

Hippo Hug is a weighted blanket company with a heart. In a busy world, we create Canadian-made weighted products to settle the body, comfort the soul and provide calm because we believe that everyone should come home to a hug. Every blanket we ship is handcrafted in our shop and made specifically with the customer in mind. We started in 2011 as a small home-based business that made 60 blankets in our first year, shipping blankets across Canada and the U.S. In 2016, Hippo Hug saw huge growth, completing over 500 blankets and moving into a manufacturing space in Calgary. In 2018 we made nearly 1800 blankets. We have ten employees and owner Leslie Brooks full-time at the helm. Everyone at Hippo Hug loves helping people find a solution. We are committed to making sure a weighted blanket will work for you and finding the size and weight that will fit you best. Whether you have restless legs, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain or insomnia we care about your needs. We want you to you call and ask questions, or borrow a blanket to see if it works for you because we pride ourselves on compassion and customer service.