Social Entrepreneurship Award


The operation is simple: CMNGD (pronounced COMMONGOOD) picks up and delivers tens of thousands of linens from hotels, restaurants, spas & events every week in Calgary, Banff & Canmore. Then we wash, dry, iron and fold these linens (uniforms, napkins, towels, bed sheets, etc) and deliver them ready for use to their customers.

Our impact lies in the simple but significant undertaking in the employment model; hiring people who are faced with poverty and homelessness and pay them a living wage, provide on the job training and mentorship. Plus we prioritize the environment by using food waste to create biofuel, combined with solar technology, to heat hot water.

To-date we have experience 300% customer growth, 100% customer retention and have employed over 8500 impact hours at a living wage ($18/hr). We have had 4 employees transition out of the homeless shelter into their own homes, saving the social systems over $400,000 alone.

All of this, plus employing people who face poverty & homelessness barriers, at a living wage, creates our quality work.