KPMG People's Choice Award

Your Health Span

Your Health Span makes people feel great, we go right into the homes of our clients to preform our magic.

Providing Massage therapy and other wellness and spa services for our clients, 9-9, 7 days a week right in the comfort and convenience of their living rooms. Whether you are super busy and coordinating massage for an athletic kid is important, but impossible or you can't get out of your home because of illness or injury.

For a front desk agent at one of Calgary's awesome hotel's trying to make a out of town guest feel important and taken care of, we make that easy too.

Our job is literally to make the world a better place, one sore back or stressed out person at a time.

Our therapists are the best, committed to making our clients lives better by relieving stress, anxiety, muscle pain and stiffness, or by providing spa services that are completely world class, all without our clients having to leave their homes.

We are super proud of what we do, the team we have put together and how we help our clients.

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