KPMG People's Choice Award

Vida Health & Wellness

Vida Health & Wellness has the first physiotherapist that’s a lactation consultant in Canada. We work with women’s health issues removing systemic barriers for women who deserve control over their wellbeing.

This is done through teaching, research, and clinical practice to provide comprehensive, sustainable care.

Bringing together physiotherapy and breastfeeding support gives women more access to health care. In Calgary, we have helped hundreds of women and babies to meet their feeding goals, and the numbers continue to grow.

Incorporating teaching and research makes this model sustainable. By helping other physiotherapists tap into their unique contributions to breastfeeding support, Vida Health & Wellness promotes and grows this approach outside of Calgary. Scientific research provides the basis for improving clinical care and educational curricula.

Vida Health & Wellness goes beyond filling a gap. Systemic barriers require a great deal of innovation and creativity to overcome.

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