KPMG People's Choice Award

Turner Danceworks

TDW is a dance studio offering wide range of styles of dance for both competitive and non-competitive dancers. Not only does TDW encourage it's students to develop a love/passion for dance but they also encourage and foster a sense of family and community. Dancers, teachers and parents work together to build trust, respect and love for one an other. The support that everyone provides to each other has made it possible for families to focus on important and sometimes critical situations, knowing that the rest of the community will help out their family in times of need. Outside of the studio, dancers can be seen planning and performing at shows in the local retirement communities, summer street festivals, local churches and anywhere else dance might be able to bring joy into peoples lives (often these events are organized by the dancers and not the staff). In short, TDW has built a community with a passion for dance but love and respect for everyone within it's sphere of influence.

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