KPMG People's Choice Award

TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs / ELCC & Community Development

TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs exists to fulfil the need of families needing care for children ages 5-12 years old. Our programs strive to create opportunities for youth in our communities during the after school time period of 3 pm to 6 pm, which is critical for childhood physical activity. When children are alone during these critical hours, they tend to participate in sedentary activities, high-risk behaviours, and create poor eating habits.

TOPP KIDS is unique because we are multifaceted with Out of School Clubs, Kindi-Care Clubs, Summer Camp, as well as our ELCC and Community Development initiative. Combined, these allow us to exceed as an employer of choice, lead in quality programming and culture standards, and most importantly maintain our family feel. We build family within our programs, between programs as a company, as well as with the children and their families. We are committed to providing a style of leadership that focuses on support, professional development, and self-betterment. We are dedicated to not only growth in our company, but advocating for a better Alberta, which is driven by the passion of our employees throughout our organization.

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