People's Choice Award

Tool Shed Brewing Company Inc

Over the past four years, Graham Sherman and Jeff Orr have applied their passion for taking hobbies way too far to bring delicious, unique craft beer to Albertans. Up against ridiculous liquor laws, the two home brewers were forced to find a way to get product to market by brewing in a different province. It was a stretch to simultaneously brew beer, plan the business and work with the government to change laws; but eventually, it all came together. In December of 2014, Tool Shed Brewing Company was able to brew the first batch born in Calgary. A fan favourite at beer festivals, Tool Shed beers quickly became pervasive all over the province.

In the past couple of years Tool Shed has continued to work with the government to make our province a more friendly environment for craft beer; ultimately allowing taprooms to exist where you can enjoy a beer in the room where it is made.