KPMG People's Choice Award

Thundrdome Amusements

Thundrdome is owned and operated by local Calgarians. We have a multicultural team of staff that are energetic and enthusiastic. The facility is designed to provide a fun place for all ages and bring a little extra joy to everyone’s day to day lives! Community is everything! Strong community leads into a stronger city and ultimately a better economy and place of business of us. That’s why we highly support our local communities and companies by doing business with local Calgarians, providing jobs for Calgarians, and by supporting charities such as Ride to Conquer Cancer, United Way and Project PAL.


Customer Service: We thrive to provide exceptional customer service experience for our clients

Safety: We take safety very seriously. It is our number 1 focus at our facility and in all of our games. At the end of each session/day we want everyone to get back to their families safely and happily!

Integrity: We believe in doing business honestly and openly

Respect: We respect our customers and each other and stand up against aggression, discrimination

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