KPMG People's Choice Award

The Performance Studio

The Performance Studio loves to act, sing and DANCE!

The Performance Studio performer programs train students to be triple threats in dancing, singing, and acting; and their dance programs focus on more intensively training dancers in specific dance genres.

This company's focus is on giving students the most memorable and fantastic learning and performing experiences. They strive for every student to walk away from their classes each week feeling like they learned something new, advanced their skills, and can't wait for next week to do it all over again.

This studio is engaged in their community. The Performance Studio puts on multiple musical productions a year, most notably the final production of the season that brings their whole community together. Students young and old work together, which fosters leadership and teamwork in an arts setting. Parents donate their time to sew costumes, build and paint sets and gather props.

Together the Performance Studio and their community are focused on positive learning experiences and building the confidence and creativity of tomorrow's leaders.