KPMG People's Choice Award

Taiko Taco

Our journey began four years ago with a little taco truck on a mission to offer unique, innovative food, with a focus on uncompromised quality backed by legendary customer service. Now, as we forge ahead, we want to change the world. Food is where we gather, and it should be simple,honest, and filled with passion. Food is a right not a privilege and is something that can and should be the

vehicle for social change. We recognize that it takes a small group of committed individuals, like us, to change the world. Living wage, feeding those in need, waste diversion, creating jobs that have purpose, standing for something. That is what we do here.

Honest, unapologetic and real. Creating enough for all. Let's make a mark on humanity, and less on the planet.

Welcome to Taiko. Equality served here.

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