KPMG People's Choice Award


SureCall is a business process optimization company and we are much more than just a business, we are purpose driven and utilize our business as a force for good, while providing world class performance as an outsourced service provider. As a social enterprise we pride ourselves on not only the various ways we integrate corporate social giving into our actual business, but just the fact we are an outsources solution puts us in a position to reduce the carbon footprint of every customer we work with! Our SureCall Tribe are fanatical about working together as a team to truly make a difference in the world. Our GoodCall program is integrated into our business model and allows us to take a percentage of our top line revenue to give back to the community, so when our clients choose us, they become part of a much bigger purpose. SureCall became a certified B Corporation - a first in our industry. This alone lets you know that both our internal and external processes are geared towards sustainability. Hero Girls is one of our Good Call programs and focuses on gender equality and educating females. Every transaction we do contributes to the GoodCall program. Our entire team understands that we are 'doing good with every call'!

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