KPMG People's Choice Award

Sawback Builders Ltd.

Sawback Builders Ltd. Is a group of professional carpenters and apprentices that aim to change the construction industry!

Sawback specializes in the Pre-fabrication ( manufacturing ) of wood wall and floor components. We assemble these components off-site and truck them to site where a team of Sawback Carpenters receives and installs our product to create multi-family and single family homes. We are truly unique in our approach to the planning and execution of our projects. We handle all aspects of our scope to serve the needs of our clients, City home-builders and Developers. We bundle the scopes of Framing labor, Lumber supply, Prefab wall design and manufacturing, stair supply and waste removal all into one package which will take the project from foundation to lock-up with 1 call. The sustained growth we have experienced and desire of the market for our offering on top of our company culture and the principled way we do business makes us a great candidate for Small business of the year award!

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