People's Choice Award

Rumble Boxing Studio

Rumble Boxing is an industry leader in the "fight club meets night club" movement, they are the tribe that represents "We Fight Together".

In a dark night club setting with 36 heavy bags, Rumble provides that escape for people to immerse their energy into the beat of the music, focusing on the physical and mental strength. Rumble classes bring the intensity with high-energy music, contrast lighting and a lead motivator who will push people to their ultimate limit.

Rumble is a great candidate for the People's Choice Award - their business provides the most value proposition in emotional, functional, economical and community aspects.

Emotionally they provide a unique badass fun experience that gives people that escape they need.

Functionally the Rumble method provides the most intense full body work out.

Economically people can have a $20 therapy experience to build their mental strength.

Rumble's tribe is getting bigger everyday, they fight together to make the community stronger everyday!