KPMG People's Choice Award


RNDSQR is a place-maker and developer that builds modern, functional, unique and affordable homes. Our roster of developments includes townhomes, condos, multi-family and multi-use developments specifically in the inner-city of Calgary and soon Winnipeg. Past and current communities include Altadore, Mission, Bankview, Mount Pleasant, Cliff Bungalow, Marda Loop, Killarney, Sunalta, Capital Hill and Hillhurst. We recently announced our partnership with Calgary Municipal Land Corporation to reimagine the former 8.77 acres David D Oughton site in Calgary’s SE. We create thriving communities of like-minded people who can bring our buildings to life, encouraging home-owners to LIVE in communities, not just within the four walls of the home; interact with neighbours and experience local businesses in each thriving inner-city community.

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