KPMG People's Choice Award

MGO Systems

MgO Systems (“MgO”) is leading the way to bring about disruption in the construction industry with technology, products and a growing team focused on building better, safer buildings. Our patented magnesium oxide C3Fireboard, Foam, and Engineered Wall Systems offer greater structural performance and durability and superior fire ratings with no toxic off-gassing. Our products are significantly more sustainable than traditional building solutions (such as tilt-up concrete and OSB) and are specced for a 100-year life span, provide superior energy-efficiency, are 100% recyclable and are free from harmful chemicals. The carbon footprint reduction is 80% when compared to traditional tilt-up concrete. Our solutions are also impervious to water and high humidity levels, are mold-resistant and do not degrade, swell, or warp in wet or inconsistent temperature environments. For too long the buildings in which we live, work, heal and play have been built to minimum standards, affecting safety, quality, health and sustainability. It’s time for change, and MgO is at the forefront of making it happen.

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