KPMG People's Choice Award

Lube Town

Founded and lead by a woman, Amy Giang, Lube Town is the largest independent express lube center in Calgary/Okotoks. Founded in 2008, Lube Town began with Giang’s life mission of creating wealth and happiness for the purpose of sharing with her village. Giang’s village included her family, friends, employees, suppliers, customers and community. Lube Town’s marketing included Lube Town’s Get and Give $5 + $5 program which involved giving the customer $5 off their oil change and we donate another $5 to their choice of community programs. Unlike other lube centers, employees are considered part of the family and are not commission workers. To inspire performance, we offer free lunch incentives and bragging rights. There is something magical about eating together.

People at Lube Town loves cars and people. For these reasons Lube Town employees stay longer than the normal industry standard and we develop strong relationships with customers and our community.

We have been recognized by our peers and the industry for the quality of service and impact we have made on our industry and community. Most importantly we demonstrate that automotive services does not have to be limited to a men.

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