KPMG People's Choice Award


At Joydrop we have a sneaking suspicion the little things in life aren’t actually the little things. In fact we think they might be the big things. Little moments that bring you joy, or when you bring joy to someone else, we think those just might be what life is all about.

We endeavor to make every woman feel empowered and confident. This comes out in the experience that we provide to our customers in our stores and to the charities that we choose to partner with. Making Changes is our charity of choice as we believe in their mission to help women build confidence and skills so that they can participate more fully in the community. We do this by donating all extra product to their clients, monetary donations yearly, help with their Gala/fashion show & clothing drives.

In addition to empowerment, we also value creativity, fun, and curiosity. We showcase collections from our favourite jewelry designers all over the world, including many local Calgary designers.

In-store artist POP-Ups and incubator program at Joydrop help our customers get to know the talented designers in our community by providing a platform for local designers to display their beautiful work. This provides opportunity for them in the community that they live and gives them exposure in places that may otherwise be cost prohibitive.

When you support local, local supports back and this is how we become a stronger economy! So yes, you could call us a jewelry, but you could also call us a place where we celebrate the little things, especially delicate, beautiful and wearable little things.

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