KPMG People's Choice Award

GuildOne Inc.

Our mission at GuildOne is to help resource owners and stakeholders solve issues with asset ownership, income, and exchange of value while transacting with partners. We apply data automation and algorithms to common Energy industry problems.

We employ key, innovative technology- notably blockchain and machine learning - to help organizations build more trust in business information while sharing data, and building consensus, with their partners.

Contract disputes are prevalent in Energy companies and are a major drain on resources causing large revenue impacts. Sadly, most of these dispute are born from simple administrative errors and oversights. We, with our clients, pursue the concept of revenue completeness. The idea that all contracted entitlements between parties can be identified, agreed upon, codified and executed.

Our application of Blockchain, our Smart Contracts, have the potential to eliminate disputes between counterparties by creating common interpretations and securely and privately sharing key facts, enabling instant contract settlement.