KPMG People's Choice Award

Glass Cliff Divas Inc.

We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in social impact storytelling & advertising. By implementing marketing strategies specifically developed for our clients, we empower and train companies to build a strong presence online, optimize their sales process for maximum results and create social good within their business.

GCD’s vision is to build a company culture of women that feel empowered to stand for what they believe in and challenge the status quo. We strive to cultivate the power that is these women and translate that genius into strategic marketing initiatives for the businesses we align ourselves to work with. Our vision is to grow GCD Inc. into an International agency that will provide women with the tools they need to not just succeed but thrive. We strive to continue to build social impact into our business model and encourage the businesses we work with to do so as well.

GCD Inc. works in a traditional agency model–with a twist. We offer a la carte solutions for sales and marketing and create custom plans for clients.

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