KPMG People's Choice Award

Forward Level Marketing

Forward Level Marketing is a small business committed to moving Calgary’s small businesses forward. We specifically work with clients and non-profits that align with our family and community-first values.

We found that where small businesses struggle immensely, is in trying to market their product or service, both when they’re hitting their growth curve and when they’re trying to sustain profitability. Calgary has an ebbing and flowing economy, and in order to counter that, it’s my opinion that every small business needs an in-house marketing department. But small businesses often can’t afford to allocate funds to marketing. We decided to initiate change within Calgary through what is Forward Level Marketing (FLM). We provide small to mid-sized, Calgary-based businesses access to the highest quality of thought-leading-marketing-strategy and implementation, that which they would never be able to afford to hire internally. SMB owners work with FLM based on an affordable, value-based monthly retainer. We help small businesses in Calgary achieve consistent success through innovative and effective marketing – something usually only more mature businesses have the luxury to invest in.

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