People's Choice Award

Clear Float Spa

The motivation to start clear float spa stems from a belief that float therapy, as a consistent practice, can provide serious benefits to the spiritual, emotional and physical well being to the people of Calgary. Clear Float Spa's goal was to build a relaxing and inviting space which enhances meditation, encourages the sharing of experiences, facilitates creativity and allows individuals to recover and free themselves from pain, anxiety and stress. Some customers come in on a referral from a practitioner they're working with for pain, stress, anxiety, brain injuries etc; While others come in to meditate, rest, meet like minded people or enhance creativity. Floats are customizable to the customer's preferences which include guided meditations, calming music or binaural beats for sound options, ability to change the lighting inside the pod, as well as complete silence and darkness for the more experienced floater.

Clear Float Spa's core values are focused around building a community of spiritual explorers and like minded individuals. The processes are designed to be simple, to ease stress and anxiety. What they do, and what they offer, is simple. What can evolve from a simple experience can be absolutely profound.