KPMG People's Choice Award

Capturing Legacies Inc.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Capturing Legacies Inc. is here to ensure that amazing stories are never forgotten. Capturing Legacies offers an array of story recording and writing services to capture and produce the life story of any person, company, place, or thing. Capturing Legacies was born out of the realization that people need to record their stories. Some people do not know where to start, and others procrastinate because it is so much work. We are here to make it easy and comfortable. Our projects start with audio and video recorded interviews with the storyteller. We guide them through their history and, if possible, review old photographs to help stir more recollection. Usually over multiple sessions, once they have exhausted their memories and feel that we have captured the important aspects of their lives, we take all the data and transcribe it. From the transcription we build their story in whatever voice they wish, first person or third. If possible we include photos throughout the story so they are in context with what the storyteller describes. Ultimately the final product is a beautiful hand-bound leather keepsake book that can be passed down to future generations.

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