KPMG People's Choice Award

Breathe Parkour


To inspire every person on earth to discover, fall in love with, and maximize their potential for, human movement.


We are dedicated to providing the best Parkour experience and education to every participant that enters one of our facilities. Our staff will teach at a world class level, our unique gym layouts will constantly evolve to offer a complete experience while staying fresh and innovative, and our products will be cutting edge yet practical to athletic development.


- Educational Parkour classes and instruction

- Inspirational workshops, events, and parties

- Flexible open gym access

- Breathtaking gym layouts and designs

We know we're a strong contender for this award because we've always pushed to be the people's choice. Everyone at Breathe, staff and members alike, believe that every person, regardless of financial situation or natural ability, deserves to find a love for their own healthy movement, and we all work together to make that happen.

We're excited to share our clients stories to help demonstrate why we deserve to win this award.

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