KPMG People's Choice Award

BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary Inc.

BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary is a world class, one of a kind, retail cannabis experience. BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary was the FIRST to receive full licensing from the City of Calgary AND the AGLC in order to open our doors. We received the first hand accepted license on October 11, 2019. BELTLINE Cannabis is situated on 12th Avenue SW in the heart of the Beltline Community. The store was the vision of founder Karen Barry, who converted the 1908 commercially zoned house in one of Canada’s first legalized cannabis retail store fronts. Our concept was to combine Canada, Calgary and BELTLINE history inot our décor. As a result, we have included mostly reused items collected personally and utilized in the marketing of BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary. Additionally, our logo highlights a line, which represents the Beltline's notable real estate lived in by famous Canadians such as Sir George Stanley (Canadian Flag Designer), Nellie McClung, and BELTLINE Cannabis. Other elements rescued for the store include the original Lloyd's roller rink display case, a photograph of the 1988 Closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, and window Mylar's that represent a floral and mountain oasis in the heart of the BELTLINE.

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