KPMG People's Choice Award

Alberta Beer Festivals

Alberta Beer Festivals is the forum for craft breweries and distilleries to share their stories, passions and products with the beer and spirit enthusiasts of Western Canada. We strive to create a positive impact in the beer, spirit and hospitality industries, local charities, and community.

Through its six events, ABF supports over 75 charities in Alberta who we've raised over $250k for.

Our events bring a unique experience to the craft beer and spirit community; the International Beerfest and the MASHING held in Calgary and Edmonton, the Banff Craft Beer Festival, the Jasper Beer & Barley Summit and our #BeTheBrewer contest.

The Calgary International Beerfest has grown to be one of the largest and most reputable beer festivals in the world attracting over 45k attendees annually, while the Jasper Beer & Barley Summit brings together the best brewers and distillers in North America for an all-inclusive weekend of festivals, seminars and more at the beautiful Jasper Park Lodge. ABF's newest event is The MASHING, an evolution of our Fall event to bring together breweries, distilleries, restaurants and artists in unique outdoor spaces for a sampling event unlike any other!