KPMG People's Choice Award


The UPS Store #243 has been owned by the present owners for 10 years. We offer shipping services via UPS, DHL, other courier to local, National and International destinations, digital and large format printing, mailbox services and packaging supplies and packaging services. We grew our business by @40-42% last year. Due to the exceptional customer service, out of 24 UPS Store locations in Calgary, we have highest google reviews with a 4.7/5 rating, highest Facebook page likes in Calgary. This also makes us second highest google reviewed store out of @360-365 store Canada wide.

We are active in the Crescent heights business community and are active in efforts to get a BIA established for this area. Akshay worked in efforts of spreading the word about BIA for many months, actively followed up with business owners and got their signatures which is in principal agreed by the city of Calgary.Every customer that enters our store, we make efforts to go above and beyond to solve their other life challenges by introducing other customers/trades/business coaches to them.

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