Innovation Award

TriCore Carbon Solutions Inc.

TriCore Carbon Solutions Inc. is a planet-positive company that helps oil and gas companies reduce GHG emissions. Alberta has over 500,000 pneumatic chemical injection pumps and controllers that vent methane gas. This equipment needs to be replaced by 2023 to comply with new environmental laws. The challenge is that producers’ capital budgets are constrained in the current economic environment. Alternative solutions are expensive, complicated and require production loss.

TriCore’s product is a preassembled plug-and-play skid with solar powered pumps skids, controllers, and world’s leading Measuring, Reporting, Verifying (MRV) emission reduction software. The bundled solution allows producers to become compliant at no or greatly reduced cost before the regulations come into force in 2023.

This preassembled skid is the only one of its kind and highly disruptive to the methane producing or costly non-assembled alternatives.