Innovation Award

Secret Spirits

Secret Spirits is forging a new category in the adult beverage industry with innovative products that allow consumers to “explore” popular spirits categories, giving them a far more expansive “experience” than they have had before, while making it truly “entertaining”. With over a decade in the industry behind them Jonathan and Cindy launched Secret Spirits in 2014 and have quickly grown to over a million in sales. Expansion into the US is a reality this year which opens up a much larger market opportunity. Each Secret Spirits product is a journey of discovery and offers unique small batch spirits that have not been available before. Handling the logistics of so many different pieces that come together to make up the entire product has been challenging but has also offered a real barrier to entry for other companies seeking to compete in this new space.

Secret Spirits is a great candidate for this award as we have truly developed one of the most innovative growing range of products that our industry has seen in the market for a very long time. Creating such a unique and fun concept has really appealed to consumers and offers a huge opportunity for the years to come.