Innovation Award

Provision Analytics

At the core, Provision Analytics is a big-data company. As we grow, our goal is to accumulate data through partnerships, client growth and industry integration through various channels via API connectivity. This will allow us to expand out predictive analytics (through our Artificial Intelligence engine, and a series of predictive algorithms) to give individual clients / partners further insight into their own deep data surrounding food safety, food trust, supply chain management operations, and ultimately insight into how that data correlates to micro and macro factors in the food value chain. At a more macro level, we will also provide meta-data analysis by generating industry level analytics and predictability, broken out by a series of key attributes.

We are a great candidate for the award due to our rapid growth. In just 9 months we have taken an idea and turned it into a real, commercial product that is deployed and running for clients. We have increased our staff to 6. We have raised over $350,000 in angel capital. We were selected to participate in FoodTrack by Maersk, as 1 of 10 companies out of 386 applicants. And, we’re diversifying the Calgary economy, we aren’t oil and gas.