Innovation Award

FREDsense Technologies

Do you know what's in your water? It might look clean and clear, but how do you know there isn't something toxic in it? At FREDsense, we build next-generation water instruments that make it easier than ever to tell you if your water is safe to drink. Our product FRED (the Field Ready Electrochemical Detector) uses bacteria to sense chemicals and report them to you electrochemically. We have already demonstrated our portable system with major North American water utilities, and have clients in the mining and environmental monitoring spaces. FRED uses bioengineering and cutting-edge science to make water monitoring possible anywhere and people are paying attention. We have won numerous awards including an EPA arsenic field kit challenge in the USA and were recently nominated for Water Canada's Drinking Water Product Award. Water is so important to our lives and virtually every industry on earth, help FRED safeguard our most important resource.