Indigenous Entrepreneurship Award

Traffic Ticket Solutions Ltd.

Traffic Ticket Solutions Ltd. was founded by Lance Morning Bull in June 2008 and registered and named in January 2011. He have more than 16 years of experience in the as a traffic court agent. Having taken Criminal Justice at Lethbridge College and through my expertise as a Court Worker through Native Counselling of Alberta (NCSA), he was able to bring to the operations of the business profitability within its first year of operations. Traffic Ticket Solutions Ltd is one of the top professional traffic ticket defense service to people in Calgary, Southern Alberta and First Nation communities in Treaty Seven. Mr. Morning Bull is very professional and diligent in conducting his court matters and has the respect of colleagues at the different court houses he has matters that are dealt with. In October 2012, Lance was featured in magazine, The Canadian Lawyer. Also, in May 2013, Lance received recognition as an Entrepreneur by the Piikani Nation at the First Nation Entrepreneur Showcase, and has been invited to share his story of being an entrepreneur at conferences and small business training's.