Indigenous Entrepreneurship Award

Corporate Cree Consulting

Corporate Cree Consulting provides customized diversity services to meet organizational requirements to enhance the effectiveness and success of diversity initiatives and goals. The founder has 20 years plus of experience and expertise in the services that her company offers. Corporate Cree Consulting offers a path for generations of diverse Canadians and organizations to bridge gaps, erase barriers for a truly diverse Canada based on reconciliation.

Deborah Green is a Cree woman who has experienced life with barriers, both in her private and professional life. She passionately ensures that her work develops authentic solutions to overcome barriers. Her natural ability to target and locate gaps, find the root causes, and assess needs enables her company to develop sustainable solutions. She stands 100% passionately behind the services her company offers, and has extensive connections and partnerships.

Deborah is recognized as a pioneer and trailblazer in building bridges between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples. Her already established reputation as a successful SME in this area provides her with the know-how to deliver, and stand out in the field of diversity!