Indigenous Entrepreneurship Award

Aahksoyo'p Indigenous Comfort Food

Aahksoyo’p Indigenous Comfort Food is a catering company established in Calgary with our take on traditional comfort foods that we enjoyed growing up with an indigenous twist. Aahksoyo’p (AAH-K-SOY-OP) means ‘we are going to eat’ in Blackfoot. Our menu features many locally sourced ingredients and the owners of Aahksoyo’p; Paul Conley and Shantel Tallow, pride themselves with every meal they create. Whenever we gather there is always food; food is what brings us together.

We are an ideal candidate for the Indigenous Entrepreneurship Award because we are a leader in breaking barriers and Indigenizing comfort foods we have grown up around. We give comfort foods a renewed flair, the food we make speaks volumes for itself. We love where we come from and always show pride for our heritage. We are in traditional Blackfoot territory and Mohkinstsiss (The Elbow) is our home. Always interested in learning more about our ancestors, where we come from and spreading the knowledge we know with others is what drives Aahksoyo’p Indigenous Comfort Food. Together, Paul and Shantel make Aahksoyo’p the phenomenal culture barrier breaker that it is.