Environmental Stewardship Award

Zen Earth Corp

Zen Earth Corp specializes in replacing commercially used toxic chemicals with green certified, well proven, state of the art biodegradable products for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our aim is to significantly reduce and/or eliminate man made contaminants in our earth, water, and atmosphere. Zen Earth products can be used in oil & gas, hospitality, agriculture, military, transportation, government, and many more industries, all while utilizing a green supply chain. Our approach is to use the “tried and tested” study of colloidal chemistry to create uniquely small micelles that are the powerhouses behind the product lines. Zen Earth Corp provides full disclosure of the chemical makeup of its products and in the chemical safety diamond the labels always read “0” or “1” in both the health and hazard categories.

At Zen Earth Corp, we want to lessen the impact that industry has on the environment. That is why we offer our clients products that will safely bio-degrade within approximately 30 days, causing no harm to the surrounding ecosystems.