Environmental Stewardship Award

SkyFire Energy Inc.

SkyFire Energy is the most established and leading solar energy company in Western Canada in terms of experience as well as size and number of installations. Since 2001, SkyFire Energy has designed and installed grid connected and off grid solar power systems throughout Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Northwest Territories and the Yukon. We have significantly contributed towards the greening of the grid in Western Canada by designing and installing hundreds of residential systems as well as many of the largest and most complex solar photovoltaic systems in Western Canada. Our highly involved executive team includes the board chair of CanSIA (Canadian Solar Industries Association), board chair of SPARK (Alberta Renewable Energy Co-operative) and board members of Light Up The World (a non-profit implementing solar power systems around the world) and Solar Energy Society of Alberta. Over the years, our solar trailers have become the electrical workhorse behind dozens of festivals and community events in Alberta, often replacing a diesel or gas generator.