Environmental Stewardship Award

Greengate Power Corporation

Our vision is simple, we want to forge a future powered by renewable and clean energy sources. We will see this vision to reality through the development and acquisition of renewable energy projects and will continue to grow as an independent renewable energy producer. With three utility scale wind projects in late-stage development and five utility scale solar projects combined to be capable of powering more than 200,000 homes, Greengate Power is powering Alberta’s electricity industry into a sustainable future.

To date we have developed 450 MW or about one-third of all wind energy produced in Alberta. This represents about $1 billion of investment and provides clean power for 200,000 homes.

Building an independent renewable energy company comes with unique challenges as the Alberta electric market is incredibly competitive. Providing low-cost, reliable power is critical to Albertans and Greengate has been successful through finding innovative ways of delivering economically and environmentally sustainable electrons to the Alberta electric grid.

With a successful and current development portfolio worth $1.8 billion, Greengate is bringing capital, jobs, and a new perspective on Alberta’s diversified energy future.