Customer Service Excellence Award

Nomad Mobile Gear Rental

Nomad Mobile Gear Rental offers a cost-effective way for Calgarians and visitors to enjoy sports and outdoor activities. Unlike traditional rental companies, we go to our customers. At Nomad, we tailored our business model to optimize the rental experience. Our mobile services, which includes online booking, paperless waivers, and free delivery and pickup eliminate the most frustrating part of the experience for customers.

Our customers come from as close as two blocks away and as far as the UK. We offer them quality gear and personalized services; whether that means delivering to their tour bus at the airport or picking up from their hotel concierge so they can catch a flight.

Our commitment to personalized service doesn’t stop and delivery. We continually evolve our offerings based on feedback from customers. In 2017, after 2 years in business, we launched our Bike Tours after our customers repeatedly requested the service. Since we launched our tours, we have already altered them based on feedback from those same customers.

At Nomad we are all about our customers. Every day we help them enjoy the great outdoors. It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going all day.