Community Impact Award

Market Collective

What began as a vision to promote local arts and culture in 2008 has evolved into a platform that engages, empowers and creates opportunities for the creative community in Alberta. Market Collective has gained momentum as an inclusive collective that showcases the work and creations of thousands of local arts, artisans, designers, musicians and food vendors. Co-founded by Angel Guerra and Angela Dione, Market Collective encourages local purchasing and a consciousness towards the local economy.

Market Collective not only provides a space for artists to sell goods and services, it is a positive and inspirational environment that fosters collaboration and encourages artists to stay and grown an Alberta-born brand, helping to develop a unique cultural identity for Alberta. A variety of successful businesses have resulted from the Market Collective platform including: Camp Brand Goods, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Made by Marcus, Plant Terrariums and CoutuKitsch. Last year alone, Market Collective artists generated over 2.5 million dollars, one hundred percent of these funds remain with the artist, allowing them to keep practicing, grow and be profitable.