Breakout Business Award

Momentum Health, Evidence Sport and Spine, Innovative Sport Medicine

Access and affordability in healthcare has been an ongoing challenge in Canada for years. I decided 20 years ago that innovation, being open to new ways of providing care and always putting the patient experience first was the only solution to this challenge. Momentum Health, Evidence Sport and Spine, and Innovative Sport Medicine are a group of 12 clinics established to fulfill the continuum of rehabilitation needs from the acute injury needing urgent care to the chronic complex injury that is just not responding to standard services. We like to think of ourselves as the Mayo Clinic for Rehab in Calgary because we focus on evidence-informed, specific, efficacious quality medical care. We have responded to a growing and diverse population by offering a truly unique integrated health experience. We provide a broad range of rehabilitation professionals in each location. Physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, psychology, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, kinesiology, personal training, Pilates and retail goods is provided at our Momentum Health locations. Physiatry and sport and spinal medicine integrated with advanced practice physiotherapy can be found at our Evidence Sport and Spine locations. Sport medicine, athletic therapy, plus many of the services above are in our Innovative Sport Medicine locations. We go above and beyond for our patients get the right diagnosis and see the right practitioners quickly. Our largest referral source is patient word of mouth and we are proud that patient is experience is as important as clinical outcomes to our medical teams and amazing support staff.